Prada Spring 2014: A controversial fashion

…modern fashion, like modern art is a catalyst for dialogue and an exchange of ideas

What happens when you mix art and fashion? You got Prada Spring 2014.

Art pieces are the latest inclusion in fashion garments this year and I love this collection from Prada.

Miuccia Prada is all about going against the current. Through her clothes, she generates a flow of debates and controversial reviews. She follows no one yet others follow her.

“There is this debate about women again, and I want to interpret it. My instrument is fashion. I use my instrument to be bold. I had this idea that if you wear clothes so exaggerated and out there, people will look, and then they will listen.It’s a sort of trick.I want to be nasty.”

-Miuccia Prada

Her work is a contradiction itself and this collection is one of them.
In this collection, Prada made public art into private & expensive gowns. Of course, the mixed reviews and debate came but they say that if you don’t generate both accolades and criticism, then what you’re doing is most likely mediocre.

Personally, I truly loved this collection as it incorporates two of the best art forms and I admire the designer herself as she’s not afraid of criticism.

She’s a designer who wants to hear arguments and loves to create debate. Although she said she wanted to be “nasty” and “uncommercial,” Miuccia Prada ended up with some of the most beautiful dresses she’s ever made.

20140525-041546 p.m.-58546382.jpg

20140525-041546 p.m.-58546782.jpg

20140525-041546 p.m.-58546654.jpg

20140525-041546 p.m.-58546529.jpg

20140525-041546 p.m.-58546910.jpg

20140525-041547 p.m.-58547166.jpg

20140525-041547 p.m.-58547294.jpg

20140525-041547 p.m.-58547419.jpg

20140525-041547 p.m.-58547677.jpg

20140525-041547 p.m.-58547940.jpg

20140525-041548 p.m.-58548473.jpg

20140525-041548 p.m.-58548339.jpg

20140525-041548 p.m.-58548071.jpg

20140525-041547 p.m.-58547038.jpg

20140525-041547 p.m.-58547546.jpg

20140525-041548 p.m.-58548606.jpg

20140525-041548 p.m.-58548201.jpg

20140525-041549 p.m.-58549023.jpg

20140525-041548 p.m.-58548877.jpg

20140525-043355 p.m.-59635829.jpg</a

20140525-043355 p.m.-59635700.jpg

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