Depp in Style

Johnny Depp’s style is as eccentric as the roles he play, but that’s what earned him the eye of the fashion public.

Most people may hate his style, but I love his original choices for his outfits. The secret to get his look? Accesories. From head pieces like beanies and cowboy hats, to colored sunglasses, necklaces and bracelets.

Today, this CFDA Fashion Icon award winner turns 51-and still got a good eye for style.

At the recent Met Gala event, Johnny was able to transform the white tie dress code with his never-missing sunglasses, a walking stick and a watch fob.

20140609-060857 p.m.-65337658.jpg

As he enters a new chapter in his life, we are still on the lookout for his great fashion picks and signature style.

Denim over Denim

20140609-062933 p.m.-66573383.jpg


20140609-062957 p.m.-66597936.jpg


20140609-063044 p.m.-66644781.jpg


20140609-063126 p.m.-66686284.jpg

20140609-063126 p.m.-66686464.jpg

Layers of clothing

20140609-063201 p.m.-66721988.jpg


20140609-063305 p.m.-66785417.jpg


20140609-063331 p.m.-66811053.jpg

20140609-063330 p.m.-66810969.jpg

Leather Jackets

20140609-063400 p.m.-66840358.jpg

20140609-063400 p.m.-66840423.jpg

Happy Birthday Mr. Depp


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