Meet Tyler Spangler

As explained in his Instagram page and website, and I quote:

Tyler has a BA in Psychology and is an Art Center College of Design dropout. He ran an illegal punk venue for 13 shows until it got shut down by police. Tyler currently freelances and works with clients in the music, surf, and textile industry.
I got to know his work by an Instagram post from one of my favorite Instagram accounts @Refinery29 .
His work consist on removing images from its original context.  His digital collages are a result of mixed media from art, photography and color. His colorful and chaotic designs are able to grasp the eye of the beholder. His work has been in exhibitions from  California all the way to the UK.
This type of new art where different mediums are used to create an art piece is growing everyday.  Some are still images, others are animated, either way, Tyler Spangler is able  to create an art that is definitely fun for the eye.
It was really hard to choose only a few from his great collection. Enjoy!
(Click images to enlarge)

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